Mavis P. Rhinophant Krazy Kritter Color Sheet FREE
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Mavis P. Rhinophant Krazy Kritter Color Sheet FREE

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Mavis P. Rhinophant is what I call a Krazy Kritter.  Mavis is new, ideal for kids or the kid at heart and FREE!  My example is just an idea for coloring and when you download Mavis, she will be a black and white page for you to color.

Please Note.  This download is for your own personal use and you may reprint it as many times as you like.  Please do not share, forward, sell or redistribute the downloaded file.  I appreciate you honoring these terms.

 You can download your color sheet right away.  Should you have any questions please contact me at

This is a Krazy Kritter I created and it was a lesson that I taught when I was teaching art.  Students learned a lot about texture or how something feels.  They used drawn texture on their Kritters and came up with some amazing characters.  So, after you color Mavis you can make a Krazy Kritter of your own.  You can look at the texture or lines I made, add lines of your own or look for ideas on the internet and search 'textures'.  You can also write about you're Kritter.

Here's the Making part.  First, you need to choose a couple of your favorite animals to make a Kritter.  For Mavis I chose a rhinoceros and an elephant.  Then, do some sketching or drawing, don't forget you're texture or lines on your character.  When you have your Kritter drawn in pencil outline it with marker.  Next, do the coloring.  I used crayons and did some layering or put one color on top of another.  You use the media or coloring supply that you like.

Here's the writing part.  I wrote about Mavis and my students wrote about their Kritter as well.  Mavis had a little problem and that's what I wrote about.  First name your character and you can write about your Kritter too, if you like. 

This is Mavis P. Rhinophant's story.  "My name is Mavis and I am very shy and a little scared.  You see I am part elephant and part rhinocerous but for some reason little feathers keep popping out on me and they're on my tail too.  Eek this makes me afraid.  Could I have another animal inside of me?  Anyway, I am nice because I'm a lover not a fighter.  Also, I eat cupcakes and everyone that eats cupcakes are nice, right?"

Yours Sincerely,

Mavis P. Rhinophant

*Have FUN and enjoy coloring Mavis and making you're own Krazy Kritter!

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